Finance Finally Decentralized - Introducing Hedget

Options and other derivatives have been tried in a decentralized manner, but have struggled due to lag in settlement and other technological limitations that come with blockchain. Digital financial tools greatly rely on relational databases due to complex business logic that requires advanced querying, something that blockchains simply cannot do – that is, until Hedget came along.

Utilizing the Chromia blockchain as an Ethereum Layer 2 Solution
  • Backend is powered by Chromia Relational blockchain, allowing for zero fees and greater flexibility
  • The protocol will only use the Ethereum chain for settlement, minimizing slow and expensive transactions
  • Full Ethereum ecosystem integration provides access to mainstream assets and liquidity
European style options supporting cash/physical settlement
  • Fully collateralized option creation at the core layer
  • Option providers are required to put down full collateral, ensuring a secure trading process for end users
The only Reliable Protection layer for leveraged trading positions
  • Decentralized options can be used to protect DeFi positions in lending and trading
  • Hedget will be powered by flexible modules that can be integrated seamlessly into other protocols and platforms
Use Cases
Avoid Liquidation
  • Never get liquidated of your position, powered by Hedget
  • In decentralized lending
  • In leveraged trading
Add-on to DeFi Protocols
  • As an add-on to other DeFi protocols
  • “Pay a price premium to protect your position”
  • Use the extra fee paid to purchase call/put options
Hedget Beta
  • ERC20 underlying assets
  • Chromia L2 for trading Exercise and settle options Real collateral and settlements on mainnets
Third party hedge support
  • Tool to query call and put options through API
  • Optional processing of buy and sell orders at partner protocol to offer matching hedge
Hedget Alpha
  • Exercise and settle options
  • Running on Ethereum testnet and Chromia testnet
Hedget Launch
  • DAO governed support of the protocol with settlements on Ethereum, and other chains
Hedget Token (HGET)

Participate in the system design, upgrade and the allocation of reserve tokens once unlocked

Platform Utility

Sellers need to stake Hedget Token in order to participate in the option minting

User Incentive

To get market makers and users to contribute liquidity to the platform. Earn tokens through liquidity mining

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